A FUNDRAISER has gained more than £7,000 and made more than 100 scrubs to give to Broomfield Hospital workers.

The team fundraiser on GoFundMe has raised £7,485 for a team of volunteers to make scrubs for the people working in the hospital.

The group have made 81 sets of scrubs, and the second batch has recently been released, containing a further 135.

In the third batch, they are aiming to release 250 scrubs, with the aim of eventually reaching 400.

Once the Broomfield quota has been met, the group intend to expand and help our NHS wherever they can.

More than 70 sowers and ten drivers are now a part of the team, helping to keep things running smoothly.

Louise Howard, 45, helped launch the project for Broomfield Hospital.

She said: “We started this after seeing the utter devastation this virus is causing, and after reading about an online article campaign to make scrubs, I decided to fundraise and help our local hospital.

"I approached Catherine to help me and initially asked a few friends who could sew if they would be willing to help.

"Thankfully, Catherine came on board and our amazing community got behind us. Then a few days later, Meryl joined us and that was a real game changer, as we were able to up our quota.

"Since then, so many people have offered to sew, drive, donate and share in order to help our fundraising campaign.

"Now, we even have a firm cutting out patterns which is saving a tremendous amount of time and allow us to utilise every piece of fabric available.

"We are hoping to smash our new goal of 400 scrubs. Also, we are now looking to provide surgical gowns, so that lifesaving operations can be carried out.

"If we are able to ensure Broomfield is adequately equipped, we will roll this out to as many of our NHS heroes as we possibly can.

"We are just trying to do our bit to keep them all safe, whilst they are risking their own lives for us.

"Our community has really come together to help our frontline works, it’s a truly amazing thing to see.”