Firefighters raced to free a trapped toddler, after her leg had got stuck in her cot.

Crews were called to Kingston Crescent, Chelmsford, yesterday at 8.28am after receiving reports the youngster had got her leg wedged between the cot's bars.

Paramedics were already on the scene and had lubricated the girl’s leg when firefighters arrived, but teams still struggled to get her free.

Watch Manager Rob Sherwin, said: “We moved her parents’ bed out of the way to give ourselves more room.

“I had a little chat with the girl and she was fine. Her mum held her head and I rotated her body and her knee slid out of the bars."

Thankfully, the girl was freed at 8.55am, after being stuck for nearly half an hour.

Rob added: “To see the relief on her mum’s face is what makes the job special.”