Firefighters rushed to the scene of a Chelmsford kitchen fire after residents raced to escape the property.

The fire, which was caused by an electrical fault in the oven, first came to the family's attention after residents heard their smoke alarms going off.

Firefighters took to Navigation Road, Chelmsford, yesterday around 7.20pm, after the residents were able to get out of the house and call on the fire service for help.

On arrival, crews reported that there was a fire in the kitchen of a terraced house and worked to extinguish it by 7:40pm.

Crew Manager Nathan Godfrey from Chelmsford Fire Station said: “This incident shows just how important it is to have working smoke alarms in your home. If a fire starts in the night or while you’re not home with no smoke alarms to alert others, it could quickly destroy your home and neighbouring houses. 

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