A road has collapsed after a water main burst, causing chaos near homes.

It's happening in Stifford Hill, South Ockendon and shocking images from the scene show water gushing out the road and towards the homes.

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The incident has also affected nearby roads including Cullen Square and Cruick Avenue.

Essex Fire Service says 50 homes have been affected by the incident and that crews led residents to safety.

Brentwood Live:

Crews on scene dealing with the incident - pic by Essex Fire Service

Police are on scene and have shut the road.

Various residents have been taking to social media sharing images and videos of the incident in the town.

Images and videos show the road is covered in deep water. The frothing and bubbling water can be seen rising from various points in the street.

One witness who filmed the incident unfolding said during his video: "If you're going to come through Ockendon I'd advise you not to. The road has collapsed and burst the water mains and it's just going everywhere.

"Houses in the distance are flooded, flooded, flooded. I don't know what they are going to do but whatever it is, it's going to be major and it's going to have to be quick. They reckon it's about four or five deep, looks like Ockendon is a no go zone at the moment."

The extend of the flooding at homes and the amount of homes without water is unclear at this time.

Brentwood Live:

Firefighters dealing with the incident - pic by Essex Fire Service

A spokesman for Essex Fire Service said: "Crews have reported that around 50 houses have been affected by the flooding. A number of residents were led to safety in the early stages, but there are no reported injuries and crews are supporting all residents and keeping them informed of progress. 

"Firefighters are working with Essex Water and Suffolk Water to bring the incident under control. 

"Road closures are in place and the incident is expected to last for some time - please avoid the area."

A spokesman for Essex and Suffolk Water said: "We were made aware of a burst on a large water pipe in Stifford Road in South Ockendon, which caused flooding to customers’ properties and major structural damage to Stifford Road. Our crews immediately attended and stopped the burst.


“We are aware of a number of customers who have been affected by flooding to their properties and we have a response team on site liaising with them. We wholeheartedly apologise for the impact this has had on these customers and we will work with them and support them during this time.


“Work will now take place to repair the pipe and the road which was badly damaged by the burst, we expect the road to be closed for a number of days. We would also like to apologise for any inconvenience caused while we carry out the repair and would like to thank customers for their patience and understanding.”