Plans to install a new takeaway in a former city centre shop have been unveiled.

Tops Pizza is behind the proposals to set up a takeaway at 47 The Arches, in Viaduct Road, Chelmsford. 

It is seeking planning permission to change the use of the premises, which was previously used as a comic book shop. 

Tops Pizza says no alterations would be made to the unit under the proposals, accept for the front which would be changed from shutters to glass.

A toilet would be one of the few new additions inside the property.

The opening hours of the takeaway would be 11.30am until 11.30pm Monday to Thursday, 11.30am Friday to 1am Saturday and 11.30am to 11.30pm. 

In its planning statement, Tops Pizza says: "The proposal will enhance the character of the existing building.

"The maintenance and upkeep of the property will bring a positive effect on the surrounding area.

"From our research we have found the neighbouring properties have undergone change of use therefore representing the opportunity that this proposal is in keeping with the surrounding area.

"The proposed change of use will result in reintroduction of an appropriate use in a building which is currently vacant and secure.

"There will be no adverse impact upon neighbouring properties or residents."

A licensing application for the new takeaway is also expected to be submitted to Chelmsford Council in the near future. 

Tops Pizza has dozens of takeaways in London, as well as chains in Billericay and Basildon. 

Alongside pizzas, it offers sides, drinks, dips and desserts.