TRAVELLERS have been ordered to leave a Basildon park - with the group told to leave five sites in the space of a month.

The group of seven caravans, that pitched up at the Great Berry open space in Langdon Hills on Tuesday, have already been told to move on.

It is believed to be the same group that have stopped in four different parks since they arrived in Basildon at the start of May.

So far, the travellers have set up camp on the Broadmayne, in Church Road in Vange, Kingswood Park, and now in Langdon Hills.

Senior council bosses have now urged authorities to issue a borough wide injunction on the group.


Kerry Smith, councillor of the Nethermayne, who previously ruled out beefed up security to parks in his role as deputy leader, said: “We need an injunction to keep the group out of Basildon. Otherwise they will keep using the parks.

“Last summer we saw huge problems with travellers on parks.

“Residents reported loud noise, alleged shoplifting, and faeces was left in the bushes. This is a different group, but residents are fearful.”

Since the start of May, no issues have been reported with the travellers at the various locations.

The injunction would stop this specific group coming back to Basildon for up to a year.

Councillor Chris Allen, of the Langdon Hills ward, added: “It’s frustrating. I reported the broken bollard on Tuesday, the travellers then arrived in the afternoon.

“We need extra patrols when the travellers gain entry hours before they actually arrive.

“One of my ideas is to increase bollards and to make them stronger. They’re the best way of stopping access.”

The Government is planning to introduce the Irish Option into law later this year.

This would give police increased powers to move travellers on, with trespassing becoming a criminal offence.

A spokesman from the traveller unit, said: “Officers from the Essex County Traveller Unit have attended this encampment yesterday to initiate legal proceedings on behalf of Basildon Council to repossess the land.”