Presenter Jeremy Kyle has called on smokers to kick the habit during the annual Stoptober mass quit attempt.

Kyle, who recently became a grandfather, is now an ex-smoker, having enjoyed cigarettes for more than half of his life.

The 53-year-old smoked for 35 years.

‘If I can quit, I honestly believe anyone can quit,’ said Jeremy Kyle (PHE)

“I was a 20-a-day smoker for most of my life and am proud to say I quit smoking earlier this year,” he said.

“I’ve tried many times in the past to quit but nothing really worked for me.

“This year, however, the time was right and I wanted to do it for me. With the death of my mother, having cancer myself and becoming a grandad this year, I was determined, and I’m so happy I’m now smoke-free.

“I’m not going to pretend it is easy, but I knew my time smoking was up.

“The thing that is really helping me stay smoke-free is vaping. I’m currently on the lowest nicotine strength and will then come off the e-cigarette altogether when the time is right for me.

“Since quitting I’ve learned just how important using support is and for people not to go ‘cold turkey’ – that certainly didn’t work for me in the past.

“If I can quit, I honestly believe anyone can quit if you just have the right support, and that’s what Stoptober is there to give you, and I want people to know that and to do it this year.”