A NEW film trailer stars Sir David Attenborough and other leading actors in a different take on a children's classic.

The leading naturalist has joined Stephen Fry, Catherine Tate, Alison Steadman and Asim Chaudhry in a Wind in the Willows film trailer.

The trailer is part of The Wildlife Trusts's campaign to show 21st century threats facing the much-loved characters from Kenneth Grahame’s classic novel.

Wind in the Willows was written more than a hundred years ago when the animals that inspired Badger, Ratty, Mole and Toad were thriving species in the UK.

Brentwood Live: UNDER THREAT: Two urban badgers Picture: TERRY WHITTAKER/2020 VISIONUNDER THREAT: Two urban badgers Picture: TERRY WHITTAKER/2020 VISION

The Wildlife Trusts said that now Kenneth Grahame’s Ratty – the water vole – is the UK’s most rapidly declining mammal and has been lost from 94% of places where it was once prevalent.

The animated trailer, released today, calls on people to make steps to bring wildlife in their area back from the brink.

Stephanie Hilborne, CEO of The Wildlife Trusts, said: “We are a nation of nature-lovers, yet we live in one of the most nature-depleted countries in the world.

"Our film is a sad version of Wind in the Willows – showing how Ratty and Toad have hit the buffers – but it ends with a message of real hope.

"It’s not too late to create strong laws which will help our wildlife make a comeback – and it’s not too late to establish a Nature Recovery Network which will enable us to plan a wilder future.”

Brentwood Live: BACKING CAMPAIGN: Sir David Attenborough Picture: PENNY DIXIEBACKING CAMPAIGN: Sir David Attenborough Picture: PENNY DIXIE

Sir David Attenborough said: “As a society we know how to put meanders back into straightened rivers and how to build bridges for wildlife.

"We know which wild places we should be protecting and expanding. But we need ambitious new laws to ensure we do this, laws that ensure we map out nature’s recovery."