As Theresa May’s prime ministership enters its final hours, Brexit dominates the headlines and some front pages also feature a picture of Prince George wearing an England jersey, as well as a nefarious act by a seagull.

The Daily Mirror front page says the government is in chaos as “Tories vow to jump ship when Johnson is prime minister”.

The Guardian covers similar ground, saying Mr Johnson faces a possible loss of majority if he becomes prime minister this week.

The Independent reports that one of the UK’s trade envoy has quit over the possibility of a no-deal Brexit. Andrew Percy is quoted as saying he felt “patronised” by trade secretary Liam Fox.

The Daily Telegraph leads on a story quoting Mr Johnson as saying “if we can put a man on the moon, we can solve the Northern Irish border problem”, while the Financial Times says the pound has fallen almost 1% on fears of a no-deal Brexit.

The Times reports that 40% of Labour members want Jeremy Corbyn to quit as party leader.

The Sun says a London Bridge terrorist’s widow is haunted by seeing his face in their daughter.

The Daily Express reports that Dame Vera Lynn has blasted the treatment of the elderly in reference to plans to make the over-75s pay for their TV licence.

And the Daily Star has a front page headline concerning a missing dog and a daring seagull.