LOCALiQ, the expert marketing team here at Newsquest in Essex,  has announced a first of its kind digital advertising technology designed to help get your business noticed online.

The UK’s leading digital marketing solutions provider revealed the cross media optimisation technology will use data-driven algorithms to adjust digital market budgets across major platforms including Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Instagram.

Using proprietary tracking, attribution, and optimisation algorithms, the technology shifts marketing budgets across search, social, and publishers to maximize every pound spent and yield the best possible outcome for digital advertisers.

The new technology will automatically allocate advertising budgets to platforms that will bring out the best results meaning business owners and marketing managers will save countless hours analysing conversion metrics across digital ad platforms.

LOCALiQ ‘incredibly excited’ to introduce ‘completely new’ product

Cross media optimisation combined with LOCALiQ’s Client Centre reporting platform provides powerful data insights to help advertisers more accurately understand which activity is generating the best return.   

Managing Director, Nick Ashwood described the new technology as a “huge step forward” in the digital marketing landscape.

He said: “We’re proud to offer our clients access to cutting-edge marketing technology, and cross media optimisation is another huge step forward.

“This product is completely new in the digital landscape, and we’re incredibly excited about the results it is generating for our clients in terms of efficiency and performance.”

 Speaking of how the coronavirus pandemic has affected consumer attitudes online he added: “Over the last eighteen months the pandemic has continuously shifted how people consume online media.

“Cross media optimisation is agile enough to adjust budgets and spend where the results are going to be delivered.”

‘Significant improvement in results’

Sidey, Scotland's premier supplier of windows, doors, sunrooms and conservatories, relies on LOCALiQ UK’s services for search and social marketing campaigns.

Sidey has used cross media optimisation to optimise budgets, drive the lowest cost per lead, and maximize their marketing spend, which hassled to a “significant improvement in results”.

Haylee Lilley, Retail Manager at Sidey said: “While we have been working with LOCALiQ across our digital marketing for some time now, we’ve seen a significant improvement in results since using cross media optimisation.

“Our leads from search marketing have increased by 34%, and by 115% from social media marketing!”

Working with the new technology and its real-time shift in budgets the company saw performance improve by 172% in social traffic and a 34% increase in click-through rate on search marketing.