Rylan Clark-Neal has announced that he will be getting of rid of his trademark teeth.

The 33-year-old presenter, who rose to fame after appearing on The X-Factor in 2012, has been known for his shiny white veneers since he got them in 2013.

According to The Metro the procedure would have set him back around £25,000, but just a few years later he was not completely sure he had made the right decision.

Speaking to Bang Showbiz at the 2016 National Television Awards, he said: "My biggest mistake was my teeth but, to be fair, they’ve earned me a lot of money."

He's now seemingly decided to go through with changing them, which he announced in a tweet.

Rylan wrote: "After 8 years. It hurts, so much, but sometimes you just have to let go. I’ve taken the decision to say goodbye… to my teeth."

He also added "new smile imminent" alongside a grinning emoji.

Despite not being fully on bord with then Rylan has shown a good sense of humour around his teeth, even thanking Love Island's Connor Durman for taking the attention away from him a little when he was introduced to the show in 2020 with his own set of pearly whites.