Many dread the lead-up to their car’s annual MOT service, as hidden problems can arise, costing people hundreds of pounds.

It’s vital that every car has an up-to-date check as you can be fined up to £1,000 for driving a vehicle without a valid MOT.

According to GOV UK, nearly half of all faults found on MOTs could be avoided by carrying out regular, simple checks and maintenance, like replacing bulbs, wipers and tyres.

The website said more than 19% of cars taken for their MOT had problems with lighting and signalling.

To keep the cost down as much as possible for your car’s next MOT, experts at My Motor World have urged these simple checks that all vehicle owners should do to ensure they avoid an MOT failure.

10 simple car checks to avoid MOT failure

1. Fuel System

See that the fuel filler cap fastens and seals securely.

2. Exhaust Emissions

Go for the MOT with a fully warmed-up engine.

3. Mirrors

Make sure that all mirrors are not missing and in good condition.

4. Brakes

Check that brakes work smoothly and that the vehicle doesn’t pull to one side.

5. Tyres

Ensure tyres are correctly inflated, have no cuts or bulges, and all have at least 1.6mm of tread.

6. Number Plates

Make sure the number plates are in good condition, securely attached and the characters are correctly formed and spaced.

7. Lights

Look to see that the lenses aren’t cracked or damaged and check that all bulbs are working.

8. Wipers and Washers

Brentwood Live: Has your car failed it's MOT in the past due to one of these simple issues?Has your car failed it's MOT in the past due to one of these simple issues? (Image: Getty)

Check the wipers are working properly and are in good condition. Also make sure there is sufficient screen wash and that the washers are working.

9. Windscreen

Make sure there is no damage obstructing the driver’s view of the road plus remove anything that may impair it, such as stickers, toys or air fresheners.

10. Horn

Try this to check that it works properly.

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