Welcoming a dog into the family can be one of the best decisions you will ever make.

They can provide constant companionship for both adventure and chill time, and when a bond is formed you gain unconditional loyalty.

But with owning a dog comes great responsibility such as making sure they are in good health and well trained.

One of the main duties of having a fluffy friend is cleaning up after them in public.

Dogs will do their toilet business in a park, in the middle of the road, and in many other outdoor areas but as their human, you must pick it up or you could be fined.

Is it against the law to leave dog poo?

Dog fouling is the most common issue that local councils receive complaints about, animal welfare charity Blue Cross says.

The website adds: “You must scoop that poop in public places. Dog poop not cleaned up can cause illness in people, livestock and wild animals.

“If you can't find a rubbish bin while out and about then you need to take the poo bags home with you and use your own bin.

“It might seem like not much harm has been done, but canine faeces can contain parasites that, if not cleaned up, can spread to grass. If this grass is eaten it can cause pregnant cattle to lose their young, as well as blindness in humans.”

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It adds: “Owners of assistance dogs who have a disability that prevents them from picking up poo, for example a Guide Dog walked by a registered blind person, are exempt from these rules.”

Under a Public Space Protection Order, local authorities can issue a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) of £100 if you are caught not cleaning up dog waste.

Additionally, if taken to court, you could be fined a maximum of £1,000.

Can I complain about dog poo in a neighbour’s garden?

If you have noticed a substantial amount of dog poo in your neighbour’s garden that is a cause for concern, you can act upon this.

Compare the Market adds: “You can report it to your local council.

Brentwood Live: Have you ever been fined for not picking up your dog's poo?Have you ever been fined for not picking up your dog's poo? (Image: Getty)

“They are not required to clean up the mess, unless it’s on an area of public land, like a grass verge or footpath, but they can send an animal warden around to investigate.”

How can I report a dog fouling problem?

The financial experts explain: “If you have information about someone who refuses to clean up after their dog, you can report it to your local council.

“If you’re not sure who to contact, enter your postcode on the Gov UK local services website and they’ll connect you to the relevant local council.

“They’ll be able to provide more information about how to report and what information you’ll need to provide."