Grace Dent fans have hit out at I'm a Celebrity and Nigel Farage for not allowing them to see their 'goddess' on screen.

The Carlisle-born restaurant critic is renowned in the food world for her brutally expert opinion displayed on shows such as Masterchef. 

But users on X, formerly known as Twitter, have now clashed over her and former UKIP leader Nigel Farage.

A boycott is currently in place regarding the hit ITV show for inviting the controversial GB News presenter on the show. This has led to reported low figures for the first night's show.

The user Anna posted: "It annoys me that I’m missing out on Grace Dent being a goddess because I refuse to go along with the glorification of Farage. #ImACeleb".

The post received both support and criticism from fans of Dent and Farage alike.

One user, who supported the boycott, replied: "I’m hoping out of all of them she might actually challenge him while they’re in there, but I won’t be watching to find out".

Another commenter was aghast that Dent agreed to take part knowing Farage was going to appear, "I’m never going to look at her the same if she doesn’t walk.

"She’s smart enough to know what she’s become a part of. Especially when he is not required to do challenges. I’m sure he also has a list of extra 'comforts' in his contract. ITV are a disgrace," they said.

Not everyone supported the boycott, however.

A Farage fan commented: "Well I'm only watching it because Nigel is in it so that's nice and even then. P:S I have never heard of Grace."

Another fan of the GB News host said: "The state of you cry baby's on this thread I'm going to enjoy watching it even more now hahaha".

To which Anna replied: "You’re going to watch it even more? How does that work? Are you going to rewatch every episode?"