Have you got a cat in your family? While they like to roam freely outdoors, it’s important that cats stay safe.

But do they need to wear collars when they’re out and about? Blue Cross has shared whether it is compulsory for cat owners to put a collar on their cats.

The rules are different for cats and dogs – let’s take a look.

Does my cat need to wear a collar when outside?

While it’s the law for dogs to wear a collar for identification purposes, cats don’t have to wear one to stay on the right side of the law, Blue Cross explains.

Brentwood Live: When it comes to wearing collars, the rules are different for cats and dogsWhen it comes to wearing collars, the rules are different for cats and dogs (Image: Getty)

However, you can put a collar with ID on your cat if you feel more comfortable in doing so.

Blue Cross adds: “It may also help if they wander off too far, get lost or get into trouble because someone will easily be able to reunite you both after reading your details.”

How to make sure your cat is safe if they wear a collar

Blue Cross has shared some tips for pet owners when it comes to buying a collar and you can find out more about cat collars via the website.

Quick release collars are best because if your cat gets stuck on something, the collar will release and they won’t be trapped.

Remember to check your cat’s collar “every few days” to make sure it hasn’t become too loose or tight or damaged.

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If you’ve got an ID tag, tracker or bell attached to the collar, make sure it’s as light as possible and that it doesn’t interfere with the release of a quick release collar or your cat’s movements.

Does my cat need to be microchipped?

Whether your cat wears a collar or not, it’s important to know that they will need to be microchipped.

From June 10, 2024, it will be mandatory for cats to be microchipped in England.