THREE players from Brentwood Bowling Club are celebrating after scoring a hot shot – the maximum possible shots – during a triples game.

It happened on the fifth end of a friendly match at Clacton when Marina Thorne, Trevor Pedley and skip Geoff Byatt rolled all nine woods into the count. At the after-match tea, they were congratulated by their captain-for-the-day Richard Rose, who told them: “It’s not easy to get a hot shot at triples.”

The trio are now eligible to join the ranks of the elite Hot Shots Club, which is managed by Bowls International magazine, and they qualify for individual certificates and badges to mark the rare achievement.

The trip to the seaside also proved a good day for Brentwood ladies’ captain Margaret Rayment and fellow team players Paul Harrison and Kath Jolly, who beat their opposition by 15 shots to earn their club’s top rink prizes.