Numerous pets from around Essex are looking for their forever homes - could you help them out?

Whether you want to adopt a dog, cat, rabbit, guinea pig or hamster, someone always wants to find a new owner.

There are several RSPCA branches in the county, along with the affiliated Danaher Animal Home.

If you think you would be able to rehome one of them, go to either the Essex South, Southend & District branch, the South West branch, or the Danaher Animal Home websites for details.

You can also donate to these charities and help them carry on their rescue work at the same websites.


ErnieErnie (Image: Danaher Animal Home)

Gender - Male

Age - Eight years old

Breed - Jack Russell Terrier

Colour - White and Brown

If you want to adopt Ernie you can view their full profile here.

Ernie came into the care of Danaher Animal Home as a stray and is now looking for a forever home to call his own.

He is a very energetic dog who is quite friendly meeting new people and is good at walking on a lead.

In a new home, he will need time to settle into new routines and plenty of attention from new owners.


FloraFlora (Image: RSPCA)

Gender - Female

Age - Three years old

Breed - French Bulldog

Colour - White

If you want to adopt Flora you can view their full profile here.

Flora came into the care of the RSPCA after she was found in a park pregnant and very unwell.

It was discovered that she had a puppy stuck in her birth canal and sadly it was unable to be saved.

However, Flora herself has since made a great recovery and is now looking to find a forever home.

She is housetrained and travels well, and having one eye has not hindered her daily life.

Flora would benefit from having a new family be around most of the time in a new home as well as a garden to explore.


TopsyTopsy (Image: Danaher Animal Home)

Gender - Female

Age - Two years old

Breed - Domestic Shorthair

Colour - Black

If you want to adopt Topsy you can view their full profile here.

Topsy is described as a sweet and delicate soul who will likely be quite shy and reserved at first in a new home.

She would be best suited going to a quiet home which is either adult-only or with older children.

Topsy has lived among other cats before so could join a home with another calm feline.

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Whisky and Persephone

Brentwood Live: Whisky and PersephoneWhisky and Persephone (Image: Danaher Animal Home)

Gender - Male (Whisky) and Female (Persephone)

Age - Five years old (Whisky) and three years old (Persephone)

Breed - Lop cross (Whisky) and Dutch cross (Persephone)

Colour - Brown and Black & White

If you want to adopt Whisky and Persephone you can view their full profile here.

Whisky and Persephone are looking for a home together after circumstances meant their previous owners were no longer able to care for them.

Both are very unsure of people right now so they will need an understanding home with plenty of patience.

A calm home would certainly be best for them, and they would be suitable for first-time owners.